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Words of Affirmation

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If you are like me, you do not get many words of affirmation in your real life. I've decided that I'm going to give them to myself! Join me in jotting down words to cheer ourselves on in what are often thankless tasks.


1. I am an intelligent woman, I can teach my kids.


2. I am stronger than my cravings for junk. I can make healthy choices.


3. I can do anything for one hour (like filing or grading)!

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This is a conclusion I have come to also. I don't think people are mean when they don't give affirmation to the person who's always there. They just don't realize how much it would mean to us.


Here are some affirmations I tell myself lately:


1. My children love me.

2. I take good care of my family's needs.

3. I can live within our means.

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1. gold stars

2. i'm winning.

sometimes followed by

3. well, at least i'm not losing

4. just do the next thing

5. i love my.... husband, daughter, home, mother, brother, friend....

6. i am a kind and compassionate person

7. yes, i can.... teach, work out, feed the chickens, cook dinner

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