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Help! Free World U/American School

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My son who is a junior started American School this year. What a colossal mess that has turned out to be!


I was looking at Free World U and was wondering how other people felt about it? We would do the free version and give him a "mommy diploma".


We are at our wits end here and need to find something else fast.



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Is Free World U just flash cards?


I wouldn't think I could learn anything from flash cards. There isn't any context like one would find in a book or a video on the subject.


I think you'd be a lot better off just giving your student some books to read on various subjects. If you need tips on books to choose, I'm sure there are lots of people on this forum eager to give advice.


For free online things, you might try


These are college lectures, but some are suitable for high school.


Also, the Khan Academy can be good for math:



What subjects are you hoping to cover?

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