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To those who run with their dogs (Soph are you around as well?)

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I accidently put this on the curriculum board!


At what temperature/heat index do you leave your dog at home? Koty loves going with me, behaves better after his run and really looks sad when I leave him home. Now that it's hot though, I wonder how much longer he can go with me. Our heat came all the sudden so there is no easing into it.


Today and one day last week I noticed that it was already upper 70's before 8 am! That's hot to me and I don't have a fur coat. He's a short hair dog so it's not like I can go get him cut. And he's black which attracts heat. This morning I noticed his wide tongue.


I run through a park that has a water fountain at dog level. In the past I've stopped and filled it up for him but he won't drink it. His bowls at home are the same shiny stainless that this fountain is. I don't want him to get overheated and sick.


For anyone who read my post last week about the dog who suddenly wasn't going outside to use the bathroom, this is a different dog. This one will be 2 in September.



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Hi Cheryl,

If it is unbearably hot and you have AC I would keep him in it during the hottest part of the day. Running is fine early in the am and after dusk once the day cools off. The panting is the only way for dogs to sweat (other than their footpads), so he needs to do this to keep himself cool. Dogs can get heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Its easily prevented by not leaving them in cars or in outdoor kennels with no shade and providing lots of water. Maybe you could bring a small dish when you run if he won't drink from the fountain.


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What do you think about getting the dog wet before/while you are in the heat? Does this benefit them?


I do not run right now, (I am 32 weeks pregnant) but I do walk every morning or evening with the dog. Sometimes if it is hot, I let him take a dip in our pond. Is this good for cooling him down?

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Keeping the dog wet may drop his core temp. some. Their evaporative cooling system is not quite like ours as they do not sweat through their skin but the cool water may still be a benefit. Swimming is a great activity but again, they can still overdo it if the temp is in the high 80's or 90's when laying in the shade or AC is the best thing for them.

If no AC then a cool basement is the place to be.

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