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Ray's Arithmetic Questions


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What kind of learner is it suitable for? My 2nd grader is a visual/spacial learner (I think)


Do you need to start it from the beginning regardless of "grade level?"


My DS is doing 2nd grade math with an online school program. We're going to finish out the year, but just getting him through it.

but wondering how to get started in Ray's.. should I back up and start with level 1 to get him on the new system?


Just wondering because i bought it because it was highly recommended and not sure if I can even use it now with him...


thanks so much!

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Since your son is only 2nd grade, anyway, I think I would start with the Primary book. You can go through it quickly if some or all of it seems easy to him. It'll be good review, as I'm sure Ray's will teach some of the same 1st & 2nd grade concepts in a different way than the online program.


You already own it, so I would just sit down and start looking through that Primary book, and maybe doing some of the concrete lessons with him now.


Scroll down about 1/4 of the way on this page to read the description of Ray's from this reviewer, especially as it pertains to story problems and concrete learning. http://thehomeschoolmagazine.com/Homeschool_Reviews/reviews.php?rid=827


Do you have the parent-teacher guide? I'd go ahead and start reading that, too.

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Wondering from anyone who uses this curriculum...


1. DS is stuck on learning his math facts with single digits (7+8, etc.)

We are 1/2 the way thru. he's almost got them.

However Ray's says to use objects. We are sort of in between using the abacus and him memorizing because he wants to and I am encouraging this. Is this right?

It is eventually about memorization, right?


2. The lessons list the sums like this "7 and 9 are 16", etc. all the way down. How do you teach this? Is it just showing them each one with objects (like a pile of and a pile of 9) and saying what is written in the book? The teachers guide does not really explain...


He gets the concept, like I said he is just stuck on the facts so we need lots of practice. So I run thru the addition then we go thru the problems. But it seems kind of monotonous...


3. Since it is kind of review for him and just drilling the higher numbers is it fine to do 2-3 lessons a day to get thru it? Or better to stick with one. He gets the first problems: 2 + 9, etc. its the higher numbers he gets stuck on. So maybe I need to slow it down and do just one page per week or until it is memorized?


Thanks for the help mamas!!

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This isn't answering anyone's questions, but I was searching all over last night to replace my lost 1885 student book and key of book 3 and finally found them again. I didn't save the links AGAIN :-( UGH!


Some people prefer the older versions, to the new ones, as they are stronger on math vocabulary and written to a less educated teacher. I haven't yet found the matching book 2 to my 1885 key. I have the 1885 book 1, but I think it doesn't come with a key. Only the hardest problems for book 2 are included with my book 3 key.


In the 1885 book 3, there are actual reading comprehension questions at the bottom of each page.

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The guide for the eclectic series (Mcguffey, Rays etc..) that was written around that time is called The Eclectic Manual Of Methods. Do a search on google books and it should come up. Maybe it can help with this question. Also the mom who runs the blog Large Family Mothering might be able to help you since she uses Rays with her kids.

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