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  1. That helps. Any other ideas are good, too. DH knows programming and is in IT, etc. He's got the brain for it and I know my oldest does, too. so might be a good fit!
  2. Please help & suggest some computer programs for my 7 and 9yo. They are boys. I want something for them to use as an extra activity. Like when they are "done" with school, but if they get some computer time it makes the day even better. Typing maybe for the 9yo? Computer skills might be good. We have not yet attempted language and not sure where to go with that... but anything might work!! it can be a fun program but nothing that is too intensive where i have to supervise or help them. I would be working with my K student or planning during this time... also where do I purchase these? thank you!!!
  3. I am trying to find something for bible study that is similar to heart of Dakota. I love the way she weaves the questions throughout scripture memorization. I am hanging on to my HOD because of this. I'd love to get a smaller bible study devotionals or memorization type book and pass the HOD on to someone who can use it. thank you! :)
  4. thankyou! I needed something cut and dry so I can remember it and stick to it. I don't know why I have so much trouble other than i was raised a certain way and tend to go back to old habits. My mom was a single mom, emotional problems and an elementary teacher. So combine all that and you get me. Although i have really recovered any pshycological "issues" i still am SUPER absent minded and trying to overcome this type of thing really wears me out. i hear you on getting less stuff out. this makes sense. we have followed it so far, I need to pursue this more and really pare donw. i can just put the additional things away for a while. I am not sure where to stand on all the legos and star wars figures with tons of tiny pieces. I think maybe the boys can keep out their lego sets and maybe pack away the rest...
  5. I am currently using multiple unit studies with my 5 kiddos, and I am about burned out. I guess that would be what it's called! I have a 9yo boy, 6yo boy, 4yo girl, 2.5yo boy and 9m boy. The boys are ACTIVE. They learn the best through unit studies, my oldest even gets upset if everythign isn't linked in his learning, but I am not managing it well. I have the mind/skills to plan and teach but no time to re-coup, clean up after and re-group properly. My kids are constantly on edge with eachother if there are not planned activities that day. For example, my DH took my oldest snowboarding today and the other kids are very bored. i was hopoing for a light, relaxing day. But it seem if we do not do school every day the kids are VERY bored with just staying home and playing. We are home nearly every day right now. We do a special diet which does help with their temperament. If we didn't do the diet I would be sending them to school. I would not manage well. If we have a day where things/activities are not planned out they go wild. i don't mean that they tear the house apart but they don't know what to do with themselves. they want to get everything out, and they fight. Or they are always coming to me to ask.tell.show me something that is going on. I never have a moment just to think. Maybe I can schedule my "quiet time" but I always end up planning activities during this time, or school like history/science because of the younger ages some things need to get done during naptime - with caring for the littles i just plain run out of time. SO quiet time is ideally 1-3 but I don;t have that time every day. Also my 6yo is always wandering during this time, asking for snacks, etc. I don;t know what is right, we seem to need snacks round the clock, I think they ar ejust bored but I dn;t have a good gauge because i have low blood sugar and need to eat every 2 hours or I don't feel well. it is a medical condition. :( I think because of the curriculum I have chosen I don't have the time to attend to the things that need my attention. Thus, burnout. i am toying with the idea of moving back to heart of Dakota which for me was a structured but fun program, just not as in depth as we would like it to be. i really need something with minimal planning. But things like LLATL for Language Arts for example, feels all over the place. When I finally do get a moment to myself to plan it is not until 10:30 at night and i am too tired to think much less clean my desk. As far as the little ones, I started BFIAR with them so that they would feel fulfilled in the morning before I start on regular school with my 2 oldest. not sure this is working. i am still overwhelmed with the different ages and managing. If I have activities (ie: coloring, puzzles, lacing) out for my pre-K'ers during school time, they are either fighting, or not using the items or they are getting all over the floor. If i separate the items then I have to do before-prep planning what they will use, etc. I know this is the hardest time of year for homeschoolers, but there is something I am not getting and I just need it to click. please tell me what I need to hear! :) thanks!
  6. I have 211 posts... what do I need to do? It says I can not start a new topic thank you!
  7. I have an 8, almost 9 & 6yr olds. We use Beyond for both. It is not too easy for my DS because he is horrible in spelling. He loves the history. On the HOD boards they recommend doing Beyond before Bigger in any case just because Bigger is a lot more demanding. i would start both in eyond. If it is way too easy then you can move the older one up to Bigger. I think starting them in the same program (using one program to start will be better) then you can branch into using .using 2 programs starting out can be overwhelming...
  8. Thanks you guys. His doc is saying we need to choose what is best. I like that he is being open minded. jake is not wanting to go to school, frankly doesn't want to do anything, but I'd rather school him at home & have the fight about schoolwork during the day rather than after dinner. :) We are going to consider meds. He's already had the appt. with the ped. so if things get bad we can call it in. i don't know what other signs to look for. he has highs & lows. DOES not want to work with a therapist BTW. but we are sending him. i will message the creekside person. thank you!
  9. Need some input here. We homeschool but I wondered if there are any ex-homeschool parents out there that had to put their kids in school for psych reasons. I have a DS dx with OCD/Anxiety, tends to be more on the depressive low -energy side. Appears ver lazy, super intelligent, tough to parent. :) the Psych doesn't think we need meds at this point. he has been suicidal in the past but now we think some of it is actually being made up (!) just for attention, etc. (sad but true - he is admitting to some of this) Just wondering I have heard in the past of some parents that put their kids in school then saw a 100% turnaround without meds. I am hopeful for anything but wonder what it is like when these kids come home from school at the end of a (somewhat) stressful (albeit fun) day. thanks all! :grouphug:
  10. Yes we had a baby & grandparents moved here so long break. :) hmm. well it just helps me categorize them since I am still new at choosing & don't know the different main currics yet.
  11. We are doing school 4 days a week and only doing math because I haven't narowed down what my 3rd grader will use this year. :willy_nilly: I've nearly settled on Writing Strands 2, but wondering if this is enough handwriting practice? does he need additional copywork or handwriting workbook? We started cursive last year but he is not strong in it yet, should we just do it again as a separate handwriting course? What about spelling? (thinking of AAS but maybe something cheaper?) He doesn't seem to retain spelling, just copies letter for letter with copywork. :confused: Also what about Language Arts? WWE 2 seems to cover LA but Writing Strands does not (from what I remember) what else do I need? I just need to figure this all out so we can really start our year properly. :001_smile:
  12. on a side note, how do you fit in cursive? DS did a cursive workbook this year because he wanted to. I dont think he retained much of it. He writes other stuff in printing. Would the WWE/WS be equivalent to his handwriting for the day or should I give him more practice anyway? and should we even stick with cursive? So for example, WWE, cursive & a reading program? :)
  13. We had used WWE 1 this year but was way too easy for my DS at a 2nd/3rd grade level understanding. What should I expect from a 3rd grader in terms of Language Arts: reading comp, spelling & handwriting? Can you recommend some easy to use currics.? He's 8.5. Strong verbal skills. low motivation, loves to draw so I have been having him draw a picture then write 3 sentences about it. Not sure where to begin! thanks in advance!!
  14. I kind of needed that smack in the face to realize what was happening & how to stop it. We are incorporating MOTH and MOTC currently now. Do you recommend the MOTS approach to schooling as well? I am trying to decide what to use for history/ literature/spelling, etc. do you recommend using textbooks like Abeka to streamline things?? THANKS! :D
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