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Considering switching from Phonics Road


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I'm toying with an idea. Help me work through it? I LOVE Phonics Road. I really do. But I'm having a really hard time getting everything done. With PR, I need to sit with DD for the whole lesson, up to an hour long. Now, I'm her teacher and I do believe that her teacher needs to be actually teaching!! I was just wondering if I might be able to switch curricula around a bit so it's just a tad more self-directed.


Here's what I would need (what Phonics Road covers):


Spelling - She's an average/good speller. Not advanced, but not struggling at all. She often surprises me by knowing how to spell new Phonics Road words because, she says, "I've seen it in books." She reads for a couple hours every night for fun. I would like something that will teach phonics/spelling rules with daily practice and a spelling list, but that doesn't require massive amounts of teaching time.


Phonics - She's in 2nd grade. So... what would she need? It'd be nice if this and spelling were the same book!


Handwriting - I think I'd get HWT cursive. She has lovely fine motor skills and is eager to learn cursive.


Grammar and Composition - She's started learning the basics about nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and verbs. What are my options here? I remember looking at Growing with Grammar a couple years, before I decided on PR. Thoughts?


I haven't obsessed over the choices in these areas, because we've always used Phonics Road. Please toss some ideas my way!


(I'm open to ideas on using PR more effectively, too, if anyone has some. I just feel so distracted with three younger boys running around the house. I need to be teaching them preschool and kindergarten and that's hardly getting done at all.)

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If you are enjoying PR then I wouldn't stop it, I would slow it down to what you feel is managable. PR is a level program in my opinion, not a grade level program. My 3rd graders are accelerating through PR2 right now, but I have no plans to accelerate once they start PR3. Looking at what is involved with PR4 my goal is to have DC finish it by the end of 5th grade. Some might be sooner depending on the child. (My oldest is accelerating through the program, having done PR1-3 this calendar year, and currently in PR4.) I think the level of work in PR2 can go with both 2nd and 3rd graders depending on where they are with all of their skills because at this stage they aren't always level across the board. (My one twin would have struggled last year with the reading but it is almost to easy this year.) The other option would be to break the Lit study away from the rest and do that over the summer.


We homeschool year round so the kids have contact with other programs besides just PR, they are below.

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Yeah... we could do that. She's doing fine with it. It's just me! lol! At least this got me thinking about school in a positive way, instead of dreading the end of vacation. I'm going to try watching a whole bunch of videos before Tuesday. Maybe that will help me a bit.


I was just reading the loop schedule thread. Maybe I'll try that.

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