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I used Spelling Power in the past and it didn't work for my kids. I didn't like bothering with the activities, etc.

I've also tried lots of other spelling programs and the only one I've found that works for us is Sequential Spelling.

Not only does it work, but it's quick and super easy. There are no activities, no busy work, etc.

It takes us 5-10 minutes a day and surprisingly it sticks!


They have a free trial on their site:


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I started another thread about My Father's World and would like to know what are some good Spelling programs. We have been using straight Abeka, and MFW suggests Spelling Power. Any pros or cons with that one?


We are Spelling Workout fans here. The lessons are not long and it takes little to no prep time for you. It is also a phonics based program, giving the rules for spelling. My boys are very self-directed with this program because of its kid-friendly approach without being watered down.:001_smile:



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We are using Spelling Power and it's working quite well for us. My daughter is a natural speller, so she likes only having to study the words she doesn't already know. We don't do many of the discovery activities, actually. Things like dictionary use, etc are already covered in her grammar book. I like that it's quick (we do about 10 minutes a day) and my $15 (used) book will carry us through the rest of her spelling needs.


You might http://www.redshift.com/~bonajo/SPmenu.htm useful for info on ways in which various people use it.

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We tried Spelling Power and it wasn’t a good fit for our family. You test your children on the words until they miss a certain number or until they finished a list. My son didn’t like having to miss words everyday. He much prefers having a set of words to study and the chance to figure out the spelling patterns before testing.


We have made a switch to Rod & Staff spelling and we really enjoy it.


You can see samples here


You can also view the scope and sequence

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