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XP: Something Similar To Meaningful Composition?

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What exactly are you looking for? I have found that no one program 'fits the bill' for what I like to teach in writing..but I have found enough free resources through AP English teacher sites and their resource referral pages that I can pull together a pretty sound study on anything related to english composition.

Are you looking for the five paragraph essay? Rhetoric devices? Syntax/diction? Argumentative essays? Compare/Contrast? I'd be glad to send you what I have if you give me more specifics...I really did not like Jensen's...too basic but a good start...I just like to dig a little deeper and share articles/sample essays/study non-fiction works of the great writers (Dickens, Cather, Hemingway etc.) to help my students/kids parse the particulars (strong vocabulary, sentence variation, tone, mood, voice, etc.)


I started out with IEW Elegant Essay as a beginning block (actually completed SWI and SICC last year) this year and am branching out to give them a more rounded take on composition and literature analysis. I just don't think one program 'hits' all the buttons..


But IEW was the closest for starters!

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I'm looking for a writing curriculum that incorporates all of the different genres of writing that you just listed... I'm not necessarily looking for mastery at this point (DD is 7/8th grade) but definitely some exposure and experience with different writing assignments across the board. Any recommendations you can provide would be helpful... as far as IEW goes, would you recommend starting with one of their SWI courses or would one of their themed based programs be okay too?

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