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Pass the cheese, please.

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To go with my major whine of the day after Dr appt.


My right ear tube is completely out :toetap05::crying:. Not cool. That means I have to plan for surgery soon. The goal is to create a permanent hole in the ear drums and the only way for that to happen is by the darn tubes staying in place! I told the Dr to glue them in place last surgery, but he didn't agree :glare: :D.


Stay on current dose of thyroid meds. Goiter still the same (I thought meds could reduce it?). Stay on 11,000iu vit d, levels look much better.


Weight still not breaking into the next 10s, starting paleo, Dr loves the idea and is going to research. (I'm not extremely overweight)


Exercise is not currently possible because of my back (mild scolosis) and feet (accessory navicular bones). I'm going to start PT 3x per week to see if that can get me back to being able to exercise. The pt whine is that after vacation, between myself and 2 kids, we will have more than 5 appts per week! No chance of making things on 1 day. (PTx4, OTx2, counseling x1, TSS x2, behavior x1; all per week!)


Dr. said to not even consider foot surgery. She said she's seen too many feet messed up and it makes post surgery issues worse than pre surgery. Other than the obvious pain and limited range of motion, I also want my feet fixed so I can wear some shoes! I'm tired of wearing men's sneakers :thumbdown:.


Spoke to PT about ds; She's the only full time PT there, so she can't work with ds all the time, but we are going to try one of the other PTAs. If it doesn't work out, I'm going to ask his behavior therapist to help (behaviorally) me work an at home stretching and exercise plan for him.


That's all.

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