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New Year's Resolutions?

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I've decided next year is the year of my last day. I'm going to try to live every day like the world is ending. It is 2012, after all. :D First goal: to see the joy in every day and will myself to be happy. It's a good thing December is giving me some days to practice because I have a feeling I'll need it with a teen and a toddler in the house!

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I plan to start (and hopefully finish!) a quilt. I now have 2 great sewing machines in addition to the $70 one from walmart I started on; both were given to me, I need to use them.


Both kids want to sew, and I will get off the computer to make the time.


Good enough isn't good enough anymore. I've been leaning this way for a while, and I have no more excuses. Ds can write well in short amounts, no reason to accept less. Dd is getting near perfect grades, but all of her portfolios (assignments sent to teacher) are marked more on participation than work or effort and that is not teaching her anything.


If they were not gifts, I'd be getting rid of the TV and wii. Since I can't, I'll be moving them to a less used location.


This house is too moldy which probably explains my lingering issues and inability to get up and going in the morning. I have to find a nicer place for us.


I have to start classes online.

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