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birthday party ideas for a 6 YO girl?

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I'll be having a Tea Party for my dd's 6th bday party next year! I'll have the guests dress in their Sunday best. We have a small gazebo in our backyard which I'll be decorating with lights. You'll get some great ideas for activities, decorations, and food if you google "tea party girls birthday."

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Before the tea party, have the girls make tea party hats. You can cut rings out of cardstock, cardboard, etc. Then the girls can make tissue paper flowers and glue (or tape, whatever) them on their hats. Add a little ribbon or other decorations. They can wear their hats to the tea party. This will allow them to feel as if they are "dressing" for tea while still wearing their play clothes.


Make miniature goodies for the finger foods (sandwiches, cakes, candies, fruit, etc.). Russian Friendship Tea (the tea with added sweetened orange/lemonade drinks) is popular with children. Herbal tea would be a good substitute for regular tea if necessary.

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Might she enjoy a storybook party?


One year my daughter had one and really loved it.


We asked the kids to dress as their favorite storybook character.


We had my sister tell stories (she's a librarian and a natural storyteller).


We played games that had to do with books (like balancing a book on your head and having a relay race across the room), and "Name that book" (you can tell part of a story or describe a popular character for that age group and they have to shout out what book it's from).


The party favors were books bought inexpensively from the Children's Thrift Classics section of Dover Publications. There are a bunch you can get for anywhere from $1.40 to $3.00 each:




We bought those small paper bags with handles that you can get from places like Michael's and for a craft, the kids decorated them with markers and glitter and stickers and stuff, and they carried their books home in that.


My favorite part was the cake. I bought online a Wilton cake pan in the shape of an open book and we baked the cake and frosted it. My husband made the design on the computer that we took to Walmart to get printed in one of those edible designs that you just apply to the cake. One one side it had a picture of my daughter from her birthday party the year before (which was a tea party so she was dressed up and looking all story book like :D) and it said "Happy Birthday Alexa" underneath the picture. The other side had text which read: "Once upon a time, not too long ago, not so far away, there lived a young girl named Alexa who loved books..." My husband put a little border around it with frosting once he'd put the image down and it came out really cool.


I can't take full credit for all of these ideas, I found a lot of them online when I was googling "ideas for a storybook party." :D


I'll attach a couple pics of the cake! :D


P.S. It was my daughter's 8th b-day but I think it can be adapted for a 6 y/o, too.


Other things we did for some of her b-days were a nail polish party (age 6), a tea party (age 7), and a carnival type party complete with bounce house, cotton candy machine, snow cone machine, and fancily decorated cupcakes and carnival style games, face painting courtesy of my husband who is quite good at face painting, etc. (age 10).

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She might like a storybook party, although we've kind of stayed away from the heavily commercialized stories like Beauty & the Beast that the other kids would likely pick for their characters...so she might not recognize them. I'll have to think on that more, it does sound like fun.


I like the tea party idea but one of her friends had a fancier one at a local Victorian mansion couple years ago, and since we have a small circle of friends and most of her invitees went to that one...I'm afraid another might come off as a poor imitation.


All of the invitees are older than her, ranging from almost 7 to 8, so I want to make sure I pick something that won't bore the older ones. Plus it seems to be very common around here to do fancy parties (bowling, roller skating, she's going to an indoor-water-slide party next week) and I'm afraid some of the invitees will be bored by an at-home party. I think I worry too much!

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