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Thoughts from anyone who has used GWG successfully or who has ANY grammar advice


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We are planning for a possible lengthy overseas move at the beginning of the year. So, I'm trying to compile our next 2 years of books. Grammar is the only area that we have done a lot of jumping around in, therefore we are not up to grade in it for dd10. We are finishing up FLL3. I made the switch to FLL b/c I thought that the other books in the series were coming along (this was prior to knowledge of our move.) Ok -- so I pulled out our copy of GWG3. It still looks good to me. One of the reasons we shifted away from it was b/c she was doing it alone, and just following the patterns (which is really easy to do with this book) - and retaining nothing. I switched to FLL b/c I HAD to teach it, no independent work. Since then I've changed the way I teach and have started actually ... teaching -- if that makes any sense. So, my concern is that GWG still follows simple patterns for it's sentence, which will lead to guessing. If you've used any of the upper levels of GWG, could you please advice me on this? Would we move from FLL3 to GWG4? Also, any other advice would be VERY welcome.


As always, Thank You so much for your time and energy

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I just bought GWG5 to fill some time before starting the next level of MCT. I think it was a huge waste of money. First, the level of the work is exasperatingly low and secondly, it looks like nothing more than busy work.


There I said it. I'm feeling a bit guilty for spending the money on it so unfortunately this factors into my opinion of it.

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