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Well, that's over until Christmas!


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We have a small family. DH and I are both only children, and our only remaining parents has dementia. We have a single friend that has come over every year for about 13-14 years. But that friendship has been slowly fading since we had kids; she can be rather childish at times. So we took MIL to a restaurant near the nursing home last night for dinner, and then today friend came over.


We have a new TV and that sort of set her off and she was sort of pouty for the afternoon. Seriously, I have 2 children. If I wanted a 3rd, I would have adopted a 3rd. :glare:

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What on earth would make her pouty for the afternoon over YOUR tv? (barring, of course, any unpaid loans she has made to you. ;) )


Why do people pull off their human faces to go visiting on holidays? Good grief.


She's had a rather rough life. And she's not always made wise financial decisions. Of course, that does NOT mean that my husband cannot buy a new TV for his family.

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