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I have no experience with helping a child study for the Biology CLEP, AP, or SAT II. However, our two oldest used instantcert to prepare for the Microeconomics AP exam. They studied a standard college text first, then reviewed the concepts with the instantcert flashcards. They followed their study with prep book study from Princeton Review and Kaplan.


Instantcert (and Speedyprep, another service) might be helpful when reviewing for the SAT II. If I were you, I would compare the materials from the College Board concerning the Biology CLEP and SAT II tests. If they look very similar, it may be worth trying.


And one more thing - cancel the service when you are done with it. Ds took a CLEP over the summer, and forgot to cancel until the other day. We got stuck with a couple of months of charges that we didn't notice until the other day. He's paying us back for them. :)


Sorry to not be more help. I am looking forward to answers from others who have real advice.



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Thanks, Gardenmom -


I did not know about Speedyprep. It looks like it is comparable to Instacert.


I did find one online source for practice SAT subject tests (for purchase) which I will share here:




They say you get access to three practice tests for 90 days. If anyone has experience with Petersons, please weigh in.

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DD wants to use it to prepare for clep exams. I am wondering if it would be a suitable resource for SAT 2 prep also - in particular, Biology. Has anyone experience with this?


Instantcert has a comprehensive library of Biology flashcards. If your daughter likes flashcards, I'd recommend it. It will definitely help her prepare for the Biology subject test. Instantcert flashcards are "fill in the blank" - you're supposed to type words or phrases. By typing the answers, the information is retained better, but my boys didn't want to do that, so they answered in their heads and then typed any letter to submit and read the answer. They didn't care if the program said they were wrong.


If you decide to try it (they have a risk free trial) you can use discount code 85722 to save some money.


The Natural Sciences CLEP is 50% biology. If she does well on Biology, it shouldn't take long to prepare for Natural Sciences. We found the REA books and Biology DeMystified to be a big help. This past summer, my son spent about 2 months studying for the Biology CLEP and did well on the test. Then he spent another two weeks studying for Natural Science CLEP and did even better on it. Finally he spent one more week studying for the Environment and Humanity DSST and scored well on this exam, too. There's lots of overlap in these!

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