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Down to the wire ... National Merit application ...

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Man, did October sneak up on me! We are frantically trying to get ds's NMS application done. I am agonizing about the school profile. How do I put into words this 13 year long family centered learning project? Good news ... ds did get his Latin teacher to write the recommendation/endorsement. Now to just get these pieces done.

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I wonder if you could go onto different schools' websites and see how they present their school - maybe some of the more rigorous private high schools would be a good place to start. Reading some of these may give you some ideas. I have absolutely no experience with this, but I just thought I'd pass that thought along. I hope you'll be announcing that he's been selected in the near future! :)


ETA: Here's a website which might help. http://www.choate.edu/aboutchoate/history_mission.aspx

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I'm not remembering the school profile being a big deal. Did I miss something? I know there was a place to add anything you wanted, is that the section you are talking about? Everything else was fill in or checkbox I think? I really think the school profile info is a much bigger deal when applying to some schools. For the NM I don't think anything is going to hinge on the school profile as long as it is clear the student has taken a solid curriculum and has a good GPA (I've heard above 3.5).

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