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I was just reading to my littles, & 3yo's face was SO intense, as if he were concentrating, thinking hard, worried.


I paused a couple of times to ask him if he was ok, if he was worried--we were reading Blueberries for Sal, but we hadn't gotten to the bears yet. He looked like that even before the story started, when we were looking at the first page w/ the mother canning blueberries.


I finally told dh some serious synapses must be forming for him to look like that, lol, but I've never noticed him doing that before. Do you think it was the detailed pictures, maybe? Or something else? I'd be exhausted from looking at a book so intensely! :lol:

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Maybe he's a very visual person. When my son was that age, we read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." That night he couldn't sleep long after I put him in bed. He begged to come out and draw a picture. I did let him out (since he wasn't being disobedient at all), and he drew a beautiful picture of the mouse with its overalls and everything. He had stored up that visual memory and needed to express it.

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"I can only look at the pictures!


"Bears came. I mean, he ate--the girl ate blueberries. Then bears came! The bear growled at the little girl. Now what? The bear--they were both mixed up. Then the little girl was looking for its mother. And it was gone. Then she sat in a bush & ate some more. THEN she put some in her bucket and ate the WHOLE ones!"


He insists--with a sly grin--that the story ended w/ both parties still mixed up. It occurs to me on reading his narration that the intense look may have been related to FOOD. Everywhere we go, that's his first question: IS THERE FOOD HERE? :lol:

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He did a good job of narrating! Now, ask him to draw the girl and the bear, and ESPECIALLY the blueberries!


He's sitting at the table now w/ paper & crayons, crying. Why?


"I'm so sad. It's past our snack time, & I'm SO hungry!"


(We have no set snack time, but he ate b'fast maybe an hour ago. He's a BIG kid--I think he's grown 2" in the last month.)




ETA: Yep, he's drawing the blueberries. And the letter O, which, conveniently, can also be a blueberry. :lol:


4yo: I'm drawin' really, REALLY juicy blueberries! Those kind aren't blue. :001_huh:

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