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What if YOU were hospitalized, had a long term illness, or worse?


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My adult sister is SN. She is in a care home. I think there are such things in every state. It is run privately with 6-8 adults like her supervised by 1 live in and I think a few more on call supervisors. I would look into what is in your area for when your dc become adult age. See what it costs, see if you like your options, then make a will (let the attorney tell you the particulars, my mom had to hire a specialized attorney) and get enough savings/insurance to cover it.


As for now.... I was in the same boat with non SN kids, but the youngest is about to be of age, so all of that worrying ended up being unnecessary. Do you have any siblings that could step in? Close friends that will follow your instructions? Are all of your kids SN? Is there one who could handle things at some point?


Try not to worry too much, but I feel your pain.

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Thank you for this thread. I had considered the possibility of becoming a widow MYSELF, but somehow it never occurred to me that *I* could be the one who has the tragic accident and DH and DC would have to carry on without me.


I'm lovely and self-centered like that.


I'm going to start working on that binder ASAP. Again, thanks :)

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