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BLOG'ers, please come in and answer some questions I have on blogging

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I'm thinking about blogging. One of my reasons that I'm considering blogging is as a mean of chronicling/journaling/preserving for all time this epoch (mothering/schooling) in my life. So my question:


When one blogs (there's a book in that "When one blogs"),

...i digress...

when one blogs, is WHAT you blog kept/archived forever? Are your entries/photos/etc. stored for all time or are the older entries deleted with time?


Can you store your blog on media/CDs/memorysticks/etc.?


Also, what websites do you recommend for me to set up my blog?

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yes, your entries are there forever {unless} the blog platform (company) closes their company...or, if it is a free platform for some reason they shut your blog down (mistake, someone falsely accuses you of copyright infringement) ...so, you should back up your blog, you can do this on memory sticks, hard drive, etc. Their are a few companies that will turn your blog entries into a printed book you can keep forever.


If a platform shuts down- I think that would be highly unlikely with big ones such as blogger- they usually give you plenty of notice so you can move your blog.


because this theoretically could happen, many people feel better having their blog self-hosted, so they have access to all their own files.


Backing up is the important thing if you want to keep your memories. :)

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