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my 9 year old fat cat just caught his first mouse, he is so happy

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we have meadows behind our house and Ginger Pye loves to go hunting there but so far in his 9 years he had never caught anything. Well, he caught his first mouse today, he came racing to the back deck. At first I thought he had a bunch of leaves in his mouth. He was crying , (as much as he could with his mouth closed) for me to let him in. I told him over and over what a good boy he was but he could not bring his mouse into the house. He stayed with it on the deck for a long time . When he finally came in, he sat by the screen door to the deck just watching it. Dh wanted me to throw the mouse off the deck but I said I could not do that as Ginger was so happy just to stare at it all night.

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