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College Board accommodations


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I just wanted to let folks here know that it *is* possible to get College Board (SAT, PSAT, AP) accommodations as a homeschooler. I had been told over and over that it is very difficult to do, but, at least in our case, it was not.


I have been stressing out about this for years and this summer finally submitted the documentation for my son. He was approved for almost everything we asked for and it only took a few weeks. The only thing that they didn't approve was double time and instead they approved time and a half.


I think there were two things we did that made it go more smoothly. First, we intentionally created a paper trail from the time he was young so it didn't look like he was being diagnosed just to get accommodations. The other thing was that we had his most recent evaluation done by an evaluator that was experienced with what the College Board is looking for as well as 2E kids (the 2E thing is important because they need to know how to frame the combination of high and low scores).


Anyway, I just wanted to offer encouragement for people here who are seeing this process in their future.

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Great that it worked out for your son and I'm glad you shared this information! We do hear a lot of negatives about the process and I have been concerned sometimes that keeps homeschoolers from trying to get accommodations even for kids who really need them. I found this link to be a helpful one: http://professionals.collegeboard.com/testing/ssd/accommodations


Could you tell us more about what sort of paper trail you kept. Was that based on testing or what did it include?

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