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Somrthing creative for college care packages or graduation gifts..


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I have two nieces starting universities this Fall..instead of giving them cash for graduation...we found 10 cool postcards ( things that had special meaning or were just funny) and put our address and a stamp on them. Then i used address labels to type up a cryptic message or funny quote

I.e. Tut, tut, looks like rain

I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!


We then found a really fun collapsible snapbox to send them in...they are instructed to send us one post card a month their first year in college and when we receive it they get a care package in return.

Tut,tut gets them an umbrella and or galoshes

Wash man out of hair gets them nice bath products

Sunshine gets them sunscreen and chapstick


My kids are looking forward to hearing about their cousins first year and we get to send fun gifts to them...one month it may just be a pack of ink pens..nothing too big just necessities you may not have as a first year student...

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What a great idea! I'll need to remember this when my children go off to college. I love the post card idea since it seems no one ever writes a note that isn't electronic anymore.


This just gave me an idea ... get postcards for my children to send to grandparents each month. This would be good for the grandparents too since they are both widowers.

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I used to send a few stamped, addressed envelopes with a sheet of notepaper in them to scout camp with my boys. I got some great letters in return. In retrospect, I can see that I was establishing a lifelong (I hope) habit of communicating with one's family when one is away. At the time, I was just desperate for contact. Oldest is good about emailing, but perhaps the envelopes would work for the younger one, who dislikes email. He phones when he is unhappy, but that is about it. A formal Sunday phone call system might work, also. Ever since he disappeared off to Japan for three months and didn't contact us once except to say he had arrived, we have been trying to find something that works for him. He wants the contact. We just need to find something that seems easy to him.


Thanks for the idea!


I want to send care packages to my nephew this year as well. I wish I could send him a kitten. That is what he would like best.



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