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AoPS Geometry- Schedule?

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After much discussion, my DH and DS have talked me into letting DS try AoPS Geometry this year for 9th grade. DS says that he wants to learn by discovery and DH says the boy just needs more challenge.


My doubts remain. However, I found a used set for a good price and that decided it for me... for now. =)


I think there is a good chance that this won't work for us. For that reason in particular, I would like to have a good, reasonable schedule that accomplishes the class in an academic year. This, I hope, will give me benchmarks so I will know if I need to pull the plug and move to something easier. Preferably, we can make that move before we have lost too much of the current year. I *really* don't want to do summer math again.


Does anyone have a schedule that they have used?


As I look at AoPS, some lessons seem much easier than others, so I am hesitant to just "peanut butter smear" the sections across the year.


Do you feel that the difficulty is evenly paced? Or weighted more towards the beginning, middle, or end?


I appreciate your help,





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We looked at the class schedule for the AoPS online geometry class (which, of course, uses the AoPS book). It shows topics week by week, adding up to 24 weeks of class. It doesn't go into any detail and pretty much follows the chapters, but at least I knew that I wasn't supposed to be spending, say, three weeks on inequalities and only one on power of a point.

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