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End of year testing? What do you use?

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My ds and dd used to be on IEPs in ps back in K and 1st grade. The only "accomodations" for testing were that they could have the questions read to them. Well they can now read the questions, but my ds, especially, is not "at grade level." We do have an assessor that looks over our work and signs the required forms; however, I want to have the testing so that I can see how we are "measuring up" with others at the same grade level. They are already placed 2 years below their same-aged peers. How do the rest of you with kids with mild learning problems deal with these issues?


As for testing - we have used Seton Testing.

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We used the Stanford with our hs group for two years, and will be doing the IOWA this year for the 2nd year in a row. All three years the only accommodation we've used is extra time, but you can check a box on the form that allows the accommodations you need. Hopefully this year we won't need any! We never teach to the tests, but I wanted our children to get used to testing in a group, just because it will be part of their future. Hope that helps.

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He's in Vision Therapy now and I have a Neuropsychological eval scheduled for next month (they had a 5 month waiting list).


My ds was in vision tx a few years ago. Ended up having eye surgery. I'd like to share experiences about vision tx with you privately. I've also considered a neuropsych. eval., but I don't know much about it. Feel free to email me privately if you're interested in sharing.


It's so good to know we're not alone! Thanks. :001_smile:

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