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Sonlight High School MFW High School differences

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Okay Ladies,


I am using MFW high school with my son and it is a perfect fit for him. He LOVES it, I LOVE it!


I have a friend who thinks I am doing a disservice to my son because "it doesn't have the rich literature and in the moment way of learning history"


So have any of you done both a SL upper core and an MFW high school year? If so would you mind sharing your thoughts on both.


My son reads alot of extra books because he is doing the Stobaugh SAT prep book as well.


My youngest will use Starting Points this year, and then MFW the following year. Although I have to admit, she would probably enjoy Sonlight's Core 100 better than AHL from MFW because of all the "reading books". But it would be a whole lot more work for me, so I choose MFW!


Anyway, your thoughts are apprecieated. This is a close friend and she is very concerned that MFW just isn't enough (I should mention we did a couple of years of younger SL together and she stayed with it, I did not...we moved to MFW)


I know they are MY children but I just need a way to explain the differences to her.



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Bummer, if you were in Oregon, we have a co-op we're just starting with MFW high school :) We're doing it for high school and it looks like enough for the core... for me!!! Sad you're not here with us!!


Maybe you'd like to do a book club or something with her? You can always add optional books :)

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Can't you just show her MFW? Show her all the lit analysis. Show her all the writing instruction. Show her the depth that's in MFW. Show her all the threads here that gush and gush about it.


And you don't really need to explain the differences to her......maybe you could just politely explain that you and your child LOVE what y'all are using and you're thrilled that she feels the same way. Surely she, a good friend, won't push you beyond that.


For high school, we're going to use MFW. We"re using SL until then, from core 1+2 through core 7. So technically, I can't give details about either just yet.

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