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  1. I've also seen a wine rack with rolled up towels where the bottles would go. I thought it was cute.
  2. Yay!! I thought of you this morning as I was eating my oats (I mixed in a sliced banana and some peanut butter - yummy) and was hoping you had a better morning.
  3. That's it exactly!! Equating money spent with time spent - a completely new way of thinking for me! I started this book yesterday. I love love love reading stories about how average people with average incomes are able to turn their entire lives and futures around in just a few years. How incredibly motivating! Yes - control! That turns into HOPE for me. Dave Ramsey always says "every dollar has a name, on paper, on purpose." It's the "on purpose" part that is so hard for me. Yes the wall chart sounded great, but until I get out of debt, I'll just be negative. Now that I'm typing that though, I should just start the chart at -75K and watch my progress anyway. Thank y'all for chiming in. :001_smile:
  4. Thanks for everyone's replies. I think these look perfect! I ordered a bottle of the one-a-day Alive! and also a bottle of Barlean's organic oils for women, based on recommendations of another thread here. Thanks again.
  5. I've read this book a couple of times based on recommendations here. If you've worked through this book, I'd love to discuss how it's effected your life, or whatever you're willing to share. I've been keeping track of all expenditures for about three weeks now and am surprisingly enjoying categorizing them. I'm trying not to spend too differently at the beginning so I can get a clear picture of how I've been spending money. I'm having a hard time thinking back to how I felt about money as I was growing up. My parents divorced when I was eight and I don't recall too many changes, other than us moving to a smaller home. I know now how my mom spent so much on credit cards trying to keep up appearances, but I don't recall thinking that then. Anyway, trying to figure some of that might be hard for me. I've been an RN for 15 years and while I'm grateful for the job, it isn't something I'd do if I didn't need the money. The idea of being financially independent enough to be able to follow dreams and desires has NEVER been an option for me. This book has given me hope. I've been single for almost 13 years - hope hasn't been on my radar in years. I've started my debt snowball, ala Dave Ramsey, and am tracking my spending and I'm just so excited about it. Since it was here I heard about the book, I was just hoping that there were some who've worked through this who can share in the excitement. Anne
  6. I've done the crockpot method overnight - one cup steel cut oats to four cups water. Leftovers keep and reheat wonderfully. I also have used my fancy rice cooker - 1/2 cups steel cut oats to 2.5 cups water. That makes enough for one breakfast for me and the boys. I've read about presoaking helping them cook faster, but I've never tried that. I love steel cut oats - I hope you can find a way that works for y'all.
  7. I'm looking for an all-around multivitamin to start taking daily. I've never in the past been disciplined enough to take pills daily, but now that I'm eating better, I'm hoping that I'll be better motivated. I basically want the most bang for the pill - I want complete coverage with the least amount of pills. Would you mind sharing your daily routine? Thanks so much.
  8. Because people won't remember that life. They'll remember the mistake. I've never heard of him before the scandal, so that's how I'll remember him.
  9. You may have been poor growing up; I assume you're white. But that doesn't mean you are or will forever be poor white trash. Trash is trash - it has NOTHING to do with income. I struggled a long time as a single mom about other people's judgements of me. Then I realized they were MY feelings that I was projecting onto them. I have no idea if that is going on here or not, but thought I'd toss it out there. Now then, back to Downton Abbey.....
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