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Favorite Educational Videos from the Library

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We like:


Families of the World series - each one gives a "day in the life" of a child in a rural area and an urban area of a particular country - one girl and one boy.


Reading Rainbow - the covers and theme music look hokey (dated), but they are very informative and creatively done.


Scholastic - picture books brought to life - a friend whose kids had outgrown them gave us a whole set, but we've found many at the library, too.


Bill Nye, the Science Guy (Disney) - my 8 yo daughter loves him (she wants to be a marine biologist).


Magic School Bus, of course!


We're about to try the Felicity video (American Girl) we just picked up at the library since my oldest has read those books and we're just wrapping up the colonial period in SOTW.


We've also watched some of the Liberty Kids series on Netflix instant.


What are your favorites that you've found at the library, secondhand, or online?

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My dd is obsessed with dinosaurs so we have been going through Walking with Dinosaurs on Netflix.

---But her favorite by far is Chased By Dinosaurs. She cracks up with the wildly entertaining Nigel Marven as he teaches about dinosaurs. I think she has it pretty much memorized. He also has another dvd out called Prehistoric Park which wasnt available on Netflix so we broke down and bought it for her for her birthday.

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