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Science Help Needed!


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I've a 9yo son who's just begun 4th grade work. He attends a co-op in the fall and summer that covers local utility free curriculums as well as physical science experiments. (The teacher is a homeschool dad who used to teach physical science in high school, and now works for the city water department.) This is an excellent situation, but I don't feel it's enough.


I've been trying to use Considering God's Creation. It would be perfect if it had a student reader. I *hate* science and need something I can just hand the kid, and then let him do a fairly interactive worksheet (the CGC pages are cut-and-paste, which is perfect) to make sure he "got" the concept.



I can't spend much, if any, money. Lapbooks and unit studies are great. Something to go with the CGC we already have would be great.


I sorely neglected science our first year homeschooling, which was his second grade year. I had a textbook that turned out to be WAY beneath his level. We did a few things from a textbook TOC my retired ps teacher grandma obtained for us. Last year (third grade) we mostly used his cub scouts activities (in depth) for our science and social studies curriculums. This past fall is when I read WTM.


I *hate* science! (Did I say that yet?) And, unlike history, teaching it to my kiddos is NOT sparking an interest in me. I need help. He's sorely lacking in a few areas - botany and anatomy are my main concerns right now.


No evolution, please. :)


Help? Thanks!

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CKE Biology sounds like it would be good for him. It contains a bit of botany AND anatomy. CKE does not go as in depth into one subject like Apologia, but rather covers a variety of topics pertaining to one general theme (like Biology). It's easy to use, fun experiments and projects, not very expensive...you might be able to find one used. Your ds could read the lessons himself. It's published by Bright Ideas Press but you can find it at http://www.cbd.com'>http://www.cbd.com or Rainbow (I think). There might be samples at http://www.cbd.com or possible even at the publisher website http://www.brightideaspress.com


If you wanted more in-depth...Apologia does have a great Botany book, but no anatomy yet for elementary. I got a lapbook from KBC on the Human Body which covers all major systems, senses, etc. If your ds is into that crafty, cut and past sort of stuf...he'd enjoy it. I purchased it a http://www.currclick.com. HTH

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