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How to Avoid/Get Out of Rut

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I'm thinking of purchasing a science curriculum that would cover K-8. My fear is that while I think it's a good fit for my family, I'll just get...bored with it after a while.


I'm using Phonics Pathways right now with my 1st and K'er. I've been using it for a year already; this is my 1st grader's second year with it. I'm bored with it, but I know it's the best for us. We keep plodding ahead in it; DS is getting all the phonics and spelling he needs...it works. Also, I'm motivated to keep going because if I bought another curriculum, that's more money out the door that could go for something else! There's also no guarantee that the "new" curric would be any better, either...


But could I do this with science (keep on going) for 8 years, plus (for my gals coming up)?


I suppose I could do a couple of things:


1. even though I'd miss the sale, I could buy just one year/set and see how it goes...buying each year/set separately, instead of all-in-one. It'd be more expensive, but would give me a way out?


2. use free resources when I need to take a small break from the set curriculum?


What else could I do, if I end up buying it all?



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I don't know how expensive it is, but I sure be afraid to sink too much money into a K-8 program when my kids are only in 1st and K.




No matter how hard I've tried, I've bounced more than Tigger through curriculum. Like everything - IT WILL GO ON SALE AGAIN. Buy 1. Try it - for more than a month. Get out of the honeymoon. Do you still like it after a year? If so, then grab it on the next sale, but for now, dip your toes. I wouldn't dive in head first. I've lost too much money over the years diving in head first. ;)

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I would only do that if the sale is so good that it's a good price for the time you DO expect to use it (say a year). Like you say, almost nobody sticks with a single science curriculum from K-8th, mercy. Life changes, needs change, new things come up. But if it's a good enough sale that it is a good price just to use for one year, then it's a good deal.

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