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prayer request for dh

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Dh found out this morning that Joint Commission is coming to his hospital today. He called me a lunch and said they were there. They only give you 30 minutes notice on the day they are coming for a survey. This is the hospital's first survey. If they do not get accredited, they will have to close. The hospital is a small rural hospital and dh is the administrator. He was hired in mid-February to get the hospital (with virtually no staff or literally no patients) accredited. We both worked together to start a program from scratch and got it accredited by Joint Commission (so we know it's doable) and the day we got our accreditation, the owner (who was a nut-job) told us he didn't need us anymore. Well, this situation has some similarities with the owner hiring friends and family (although not really a full blown nut-job like the other one--she just doesn't hasn't wanted to take care of some things that needed to be done) and no one, except dh and a couple of other people know a thing about Joint Commission. Anyway, just please say a pray that dh will get the hospital accredited and that this owner will keep him on as the administrator. (She's already told him she will and that if they don't get accredited, she'll let him go.)



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I'm praying. JCAHO is scary! We've been anticipating a visit since February. I hope they show up soon so we can all take a deep breath again.


A few months ago fake JCAHO people "inspected" a local ED. They ended up stealing all the prescription pads. It was crazy!

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