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  1. Is the Pre Calculus (as opposed to the Pre Calculus with Limits) the one that is actually the same text as the college algebra and trig text? I know I've read somewhere that there are two student texts that have different titles but are page for page the same and the teacher's guide has both titles. Thanks!
  2. I've scoured the board and need help figuring out which of these to get for Pre-Cal A Graphical Approach to Precalculus with Limits: A Unit Circle Approachhttp://www.amazon.com/Graphical-Approach-Precalculus-Limits-Edition/dp/0321356969 or Pre Calculus http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0321528840/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I would appreciate any guidance!
  3. My 13 year old daughter writes a blog based on our history lessons. We are in Vol. 3 of MOH. Here is a link to her blog. thisgirlisgeek.blogspot.com and the blog also has a facebook page...if you like her blog, be sure to like the FB page too! https://www.facebook.com/Thisgirlisgeek
  4. Come on! She only needs 16 more "likes" Check out the blog, it's funny!!! or just like the FB page and then hide it until later!
  5. My daughter writes a blog for her history notes following along with Mystery of History. We are in Vol. III now. She is nearing her 100th post!!! Her blog has a FB page and I'm trying to help her get to over 100 fans before she makes her 100th post! This is not her personal FB page, it her her blogs' FB page! She only needs 18 more likes!!! I thought some of you might like to help and might enjoy her blog as well! https://www.facebook.com/Thisgirlisgeek :)
  6. DD just finished up with Horizons Pre-Algebra and has, what I believe to be, a pretty solid foundation. Wouldn't the beginning and intermediate book be a combination of Alg. 1 and 2? With just over 1000 pages, and the number of problems in each section, it seems like more than a book used for a review. I guess I'll start looking for an Introductory book. ack!
  7. I picked up Lial, Hornsby, McGinnis Beginning and Intermediate Algebra (4th edition) and my daughter took a look at it and said it was fine with her. If I understand correctly, this is Alg I and Alg II combined into 1 text book. Is that right? If so, should I just thake the 1st half of the book and divide it out through out school year? I don't have the answer key so she will only be doing the odd problems :tongue_smilie: Thoughts, suggestions....HELP :confused:
  8. I posted this a while back but thought I would give an update. DD continues writing notes via blogging while I read MOH Vol. III aloud to her and her younger brother. She is a bit quirky and certainly has an interesting and humorous style (depending on the reader's taste). If you would like to check it out, please "like" the FB page at https://www.facebook.com/Thisgirlisgeek She is currently at 50ish fans (with the the MOH author being one of them!!!) If you have FB, feel free to check it out. If you aren't on FB, you can go to the blog at http://thisgirlisgeek.blogspot.com/ The nice thing about FB is that she post on FB when a new blog entry is made (usually once to twice each week) so her "fans" can follow along. Comments, critiques, and general thoughts are appreciated....but, to quote my daughter, "You're getting your blog in my judgement!” “Hey! You're getting your judgement in my blog!” One thing's for sure, I am the parent of a teenage geekster daughter :D
  9. My dd is getting close to finishing Pre-Algebra. We have used Horizons since 1st grade and I was please to see that they published Pre-Algebra just in time for us to need it. Sadly, they don't have Algebra and I'm having trouble figuring out where to go from here. I want to find a program that will be a good match and would really prefer it is a program with a DVD or online teacher that (like TT) works out every problem when they get it wrong or at least works some of the problems. I looked at TT and felt it was not really as advanced, but I only looked up to lesson 40. Alot of what I saw was review of what she has done in Horizons Pre-Alg. We have had to google and use Kahn and youtube videos several times which I don't mind doing but I would like to have a more exact match for the problems, types of problems, and exact method being taught. I would appreciate any suggestions or guidance. Thanks!
  10. Here is a link to her facebook page she set up for "fans" https://www.facebook.com/pages/Modern-Geeks-Notations-of-History/253813017992417 Thanks for all the positive feedback! Please feel free to "like" her page! It really is very encouraging to her!
  11. TY!!!!! She will be thrilled to know that others out there give a nod of approval. I'm sure that not everyone will "get" it but she would much rather take history notes this way. (I give her credit for maintaining a blog and for creative writing. LOL) By the way, she also remembers this stuff WAY better than if I did have her taking "notes".
  12. Well, I've never been one to do all the narrations and we did all SOTW our first go around and now we are back around to Middle Ages. I still use SOTW but mostly used MOH. About two months ago, I told my DD that she would need to start taking notes on the laptop while I am reading the lesson to her and her 8 yo brother. I explained to just put the Topic and some bullet points of the main facts. So, after a few lessons, I asked her what in the world she was typing. She said notes. I asked if she was chatting or writing emails. She said no that she was writing notes. A few weeks passed and I was telling a friend what we were doing with note taking how we keep it "in the cloud" using google docs. So, I pulled it up to show her. This was the first time I had looked at the notes. When I saw the titles, I cracked. That night, my husband and I read every note she had written. The next day, I told her to start a blog for them. I've had a few family members take a look and a couple of good friends, but I'm curious what members here, at the hive, might have to say about what she's done....so without further adieu..... Modern Geek's Notations of History
  13. well, we have signed up for one so I'll let you know how it went.
  14. These are usually 3-4 day programs and aren't merely "encouragement" and "strengthening" conferences, seminars, or getaways. They are more intensive than that and geared toward helping marriages "on the brink" or in serious trouble. I really would be interested in finding out if anyone has attended one, which program specifically did you go with, and what your impressions of the program are after having gone through it. Thanks!
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