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? about friendship bread recipe....(from Loaves of Fun bk)

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(I think that's what it's called...)


Dd and I made a recipe from "Loaves of Fun" last week - at least we started it ...it's one of those recipe where you make it...let it sit 2 days... stir it on day 3....add 1 c of sugar etc et....let it sit 2 more days..... and then finally day 7 you can add some final ingredients and then can bake it.


Problem is - we had a very difficult end of last week and I did not get to the bread. Here it is Monday.... and the bread dough is still sitting there.


Do you think it's ok? Or have I let it go too many days and now it's bad? I finally have the box of pudding I need too to finish the recipe.


what do you think?

ok to make? or toss it?

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