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Door alarms for sleepwalkers?

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My husband just installed something very similar to this in our home--he found it very inexpensively through Amazon. We have one on our front door and some on our son's bedroom windows. It is loud enough to wake you up at night, but not as loud as a smoke detector. We really like it. We can easily set it to a simple "ding" or to something a bit more dramatic. :001_smile: Or we can just turn it off. It could easily be placed on bedroom doors as well.

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My best friend when I was a kid (and her mom) were both sleepwalkers. At her house, on the doors leading to outside, they had multiple locks of various sorts (deadbolts, chains, etc...) Their front door looked like Ft. Knox, lol. The system was that a variety of some locks would be used each night, but some were unlocked too. They changed it every night. The theory being that if a sleepwalker was trying to get out the door, they would be unlocking some of the the things, but locking others; thus, hopefully blocking their way enough until someone else woke up & heard.


I guess most folks w/ sleepwalkers have probably heard this & that was in the day before door alarms, but I figured I would mention it anyway. (And, I'm guessing the old way is fairly unsafe from a fire safety standpoint of being able to get out of the house quickly.)

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