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What shall I do with this caterpillar?


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I found a green caterpillar inside a corn on the cob today. Can I keep it and watch its metamorphosis? What do I need to do?


From a brief google images search I think it might be a green looper caterpillar, so it will turn into a moth if my prediction is correct.

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Yes you can keep it and watch it change, though it may not change to a moth until the following spring. You'll have to keep it in a closed container and feed it , and feed it some more, and then feed it again. They eat a lot! I'm assuming it eats corn if that's where you found it, but try it and see.


We had a Polyphemus moth caterpillar (also a big green one!) and it changed to a brown cocoon and we left if outside all winter and then in the spring , voila, a beautiful moth!


Good luck.

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