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How important is to do Ancients before US History?

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How much will my dd missed if we do not cover from Ancients on up to US History?


I had schedule US History for next grade and we have all the curr. necessary, but now I am hesitating. I want her to have a very thorough US History. Would it be lacking without the "beginning" of Histories. She is finishing Notgrass World History right now.


I will greatly value your inputs and info.



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I'm not sure, but one thing I can offer--


Studying the ancients was extremely helpful to ds in understanding American history, particularly American Government, Manifest Destiny, colonization, and social mores.


What was she studying in Notgrass? Wasn't there any Ancient Greek or Roman culture included in their World History?

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I'm guessing (and correct me if I'm wrong) that you're wondering about the Great Books lit study.


My dd did Ancient and Medieval History in 9th grade. I added in some Great Books, but did not do The Illiad, The Odyssey, The Aenid, or Dante's Inferno. We added in some logic stage books and just did the easier GB's. This year (10th grade) we used Exploring American History by Notgrass. It worked out fine. She has grown so much since 9th grade (and I have really seen the improvement lately) and I think she is ready to cover things in more depth. I am planning to do 20th century history and lit next year, then for her 12th grade year, I hope to add in some of the classics I didn't cover in 9th grade. She will be studying government that year, so it won't conflict with our history study


Hope that helps,



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Our ds is finishing the Notgrass Ancient Hx. in the next 2 weeks and has commented that he has finally "gotten it" regarding why our government has evolved, if you will, the way it has. I also would add that I know that he will be having 2 years of US history and government the last 2 years of hs if God is willing. We like the classical order of the WTM and I am seeing it benefit ds.


Joy to you,



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The farther I go in classical education, the more benefit I see of studying history in chronological order. I have been reading Jacques Barzun's The Culture We Deserve, and he makes that point, too, far better than I ever could. A classical approach to the study of history helps us move beyond a Jeopardy-like jumble of facts and trivia to understand cause & effect, relationships, and the development of ideas. So . . . I've got to agree with what Chris in VA already said. It's hard to understand what our Founding Fathers gave us until we understand the ideas that shaped and moved them.


Just my $0.02 worth, since you asked. :)

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American literature is in order; in fact, we plan to do so ourselves next year. We did Omnibus I (Ancients) last year and Omnibus II (MA/Ren.) this year. No matter what, though, I want next year to be an in-depth study of American history and literature, for all three girls.


Having said that, though, I'm glad that we've done history and literature chronologically all along. I've found as we've done our Omnibus readings that much of the material in the Middle Ages to the Renaissance refers back to ancient history and literature that was really considered more "common knowledge" back then. Dante's Inferno has numerous references back to ancient literature, so I was really glad we had studied the ancients first in order to better understand those references and the context in which he wrote his Divine Comedy. And, I would say that the same would be true for American history and literature; you will find many references to ancient/medieval/renaissance times that will be much richer if you've studied history chronologically.


I don't think it's wrong or "damaging" in any way, though, to take a year off for an in-depth study of our country. I just think your experience might be enriched if you proceed more or less chronologically.



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...more like a "wanna be" and I try, What would be the best way to do this.


I have only one. She did (is in the last chapters of) Notgrass World History and finished couple weeks ago LLC British Lit.


Last year would have been 9th, but it was a fiasco...so this year is 9th and had been MUCH better, yeah!


US History has alway been my strong desire to feed on deeply...to the bon core. That is why even though I am ready for next year with US History I am having second thoughts in starting this without a kind of thorough Ancient History. After all, all this things are "popping out" now in our society came from some where, so lets dig in our past, right?


Doing Ancient History this coming year, I will have to use two years (the last ones) of High School entirely for US History with all the additionals...(Constitution, Government, Civics, Economics...etc.)


Would you give me some ideas how to do the Ancients for next year in a fun way. Which editions to stay clear from and which one not to miss? Which are the MUST read in order to be able to say "We did the Ancients" and really have convered them?


Am I in the right track here or Am I over reacting? Would it really make a big difference for my dd understanding US History with a good Ancient History foundation.:confused:


While you try to figure out how to help me, I am going to visit with TWTM book and see if I can figure it out.


Thanks in advance and forgive my trailing thoughts. Do I even make sense? Just wondering.

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