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can you recommend a spanish curriculum for grade 6?

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This year my son has been doing Rosetta Stone, in 5th grade. It has been a great introduction to the language, really getting him a bit interested in a painless way. He only spends 5-10 minutes a day on it, which is perfect. I'm deciding whether to keep him in Rosetta Stone next year, or move on to something different. If i keep him in Rosetta Stone next year then I would put him in something different in 7th grade, something more formal. What do you think? I know I didn't start formal language study until 7th grade, and that worked out pretty well...

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What sort of course load is he currently working on? Is there anyway he could finish Rosetta Stone doing just 10 mins a day, if he plans on finishing the program, I think I'd begin to supplement with this book a few times a week and check your library for Spanish books (both Early Readers meant for Spanish speakers and audio+book programs meant to teach the language)


Whats his goal for Spanish?

Whats your goal for his spanish?

What other classes is he taking now, this summer and next year?

Will you continue with Spanish until 9th grade? HS Graduation?


I think if he continues and wants to be fluent, you might want to think of bumping the allotted time up to 45 minutes a day 5-7 days a week to really get good. You'll have to balance listening with speaking practice etc...


I don't want to recommend that you buy too much since there are so many great resources online for learning Spanish, but I'm not sure what your looking for so its hard to know what to recommend....

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