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English Grammar to Latin Question


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Does one need to be able to diagram a sentence to do Latin later?? I was thinking of going with Easy Grammar for my dd7 next year, starting Latin For Children the year after that, and I don't think that EG teaches diagramming. Will it be necessary for the Latin??


Thank you all in advance!


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No. (You'd still need to understand the parts of speech, however.)


That's a different question from whether you might want diagramming with your English grammar, at some point, as part of learning English grammar well. If you like your grammar program, it would be easy enough to add diagramming from another source if you wanted to.


Henle teaches diagramming in Latin. I don't know anything about LfC.

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You need to know English grammar well if you want to jump start your Latin work, and diagramming is an efficient way to do that. But it is not the only way. Learning to parse an English sentence is the first step in being able to translate a Latin sentence, so that would be good, too.


My dc have all transitioned into Latin easily and are able to understand the grammar well. I didn't do English grammar until 3rd grade, but then I used R&S, which is very effective.

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