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? about children remembering things

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My dd (7) adhd/pdd seems to remember passwords/our e-mail names, etc. quickly. :tongue_smilie: If she sees it once she remembers. "annoying". :glare: Am I/we missing something? I'm serious. I mean, sometimes/alot of times, she gives me a hard time with school work and I'm starting to wonder if it is too easy; that she is remembering everything and is bored. She has never been tested for anything related to schoolwork. My neighbor (dd is very close to: second mom) is sensing this also.

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Is it a photographic memory? That is a real specific skill, like having perfect pitch.


Or does she have just a good memory? She must have had some testing to have the ADHD/PDD label. Are you wondering about IQ? Often people with higher IQs do have good memories (probably not photographic memories, but I'm not too sure).


Good luck. The accelerated board might have some advice.

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My understanding is that most children have good long term memories (which is why they'll suddenly tell you in great detail about that one time you saw something years and years ago) but relatively poor short term ones (which is why they may struggle to tell you what was on their history lesson the day before). Is it possible she has an eidetic memory? I don't know much about that, but it would sure be interesting, huh? I don't think it would effect her ability with skills (as in, it wouldn't make her a math whiz with calculations necessarily, it would just make it easier for her to remember numbers) but it would make some things easier...

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