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Unit on Rocks and Minerals


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I always have the oddball questions...:D


I want to do a unit on rocks and minerals for grade school-aged kids...I'm completely out of ideas for this. I'm looking at mineral kits online and they are REALLY expensive - and a lot of them get bad reviews. I could get them a book about minerals, but I'd like them to actually be able to look at them, too.


Could I get a book and "look" for rocks "out in the wild"? :D Would that work?


Has anyone bought a mineral kit online that they would recommend - maybe it comes with a book (that doesn't cost $3,000)? :confused:


Has anyone done a unit on minerals and have some great advice for me?


Thanks - ahead of time - for any advice!

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Well, as part of earth science, we read a few books about rocks and minerals. And we went to visit a cavern and learned a lot about different minerals. There were lots of rocks and geodes to look at in the gift shop, too. My kids are signed up for a class about rocks and minerals at our natural history museum in April, as well.

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I haven't checked Rainbow Resource yet. I'm actually looking at a kit from Home Science tools right now. I'm trying to figure out if it's over my kids' heads or not. :D


I looked through our library's online book collection and there isn't much of a selection. :glare: The DK book they have is on hold. We have a really tiny library (but that's a whole 'nother story).


Anyone happen to use Rocks and Minerals Project Kit from Home Science tools - $38.95?


Not sure why I can't have normal questions like everyone else. :lol:

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