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  1. Hi all. I'm wanting to use this next year with ds, but I have no idea what I need to buy, which editions, difference between instructor's guide or instructor's text?, etc. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. www.partselect.com www.appliancepartspros.com I'm pretty sure these are the ones I've ordered from in the past.
  3. Thank you all so much for the replys. I really think we are going to try to go for it!
  4. Yep. i'd never heard of them before and ran across this one and both kids want to.
  5. Has anybody ever participated in one of these? What kind of atmosphere was it? Okay for kids? Never been to one before, but looks like ti would be a lot of fun. Any info would be great. Thanks!
  6. I love quad skating! I might not great or even good at it by any means, but I'll wear my skates around the house like other people do slippers. For an outdoor wheel, I've been super happy with Sure Grip Motion wheels. When you look for outdoor wheels, the lower the hardness # the better, imho. Have fun!
  7. :001_smile:Thanks all for the help. Yep, he does like Top Gear. Was finally able to get to the store to flip through some and I think I'll go with Car and Driver. :001_smile:
  8. So ds(12) has taken an interest in all things car related here of late and we were considering getting him a subscription to an auto magazine, but I have no clue. Does anyone have a recommendation? One thing, he would be totally freaked out if there were a lot of the um, helpful ads in the back or the pics of "look at my great car" with mechanic straddling the hood, so any heads up there would be appreciated. :001_smile: Thanks!
  9. I know you said space concerns as far as a barre goes, but what about making one yourself from PVC pipe? We did this for dd last year for Christmas and left certain parts to where she can unscrew the whole thing and put it under her bed or in the closet for when she's not using it. Spray painted it to make it look nice and was way cheaper.
  10. Thanks Lori for all your suggestions. Originally, I was going to do this for a week or so and have it end on the 50th, but I'm thinking I like your idea of starting on the 50th and going through the Christmas special since we do take a really relaxed schedule in late November through Christmas anyway and there's so many ideas. Oh, I do think we'll have to do a weeping angel and I think the Tardis model will be a great project for dh to help the kids with. Thanks to all of you who have replied and helped me plan this. :D
  11. I think to start our theme weeks, I'm going to send each them a companion kit with a few things every space traveler needs like a tardis key and a journal along the lines of River's that they will use during it to do creative writing projects like discussing where they went that day with doctor and the such. This should be fun!
  12. Oh, wow! Thanks everyone for all the responses and ideas. I've got so many ideas like watching Fires of Pompeii and study about the civilization and then make a volcano(dd's been wanting to make one anyway), making a robot spider, dog or bug for a cyberman episode or k-9, making plastic to go along with a nestene one, learning about 3d to go with Army of Ghosts, discussing time and what it is and our perception of etc., gotta do the fat experiments, that is dds favorite episode and was thinking of making our own plush adipose and the marshmallow adipose for our final dinner. Since it'll be close to Christmas, have to do Dickens which will be good since we were planning to read some of his other Christmas stories this year and then make Doctor who snowflakes. We'll make sonic screwdriver pens that I found off pinterest. Love the idea of studying fractals, Escher and recursion. Why do I think this going to end up being more than one week for sure? :D Some foods I'm thinking are adipose marshmallows, fish and chips fried in Krillitane oil, bow tie pasta(cause bow ties are cool), tardis cake and jelly babies oh what about beans on toast. I've been pinning and searching like crazy. Thank you all so much. You all are making this turn out great! :)
  13. So, I was thinking of doing a week or two of school this November with a Doctor Who theme and was wondering if anyone else would like to help me plan it out. I've got the Doctor Who and Philosophy book that I figured we could go through and was planning to pick a few episodes to watch and then learn about whatever historical character the doctor would have crossed paths in that episode, maybe a few art projects like painting their own Starry Night (with or without exploding Tardis), some sort of science ,but I don't know what yet ,and then ending the week with a Doctor Who dinner. Any suggestions, or other ideas. Which episodes would be must covers? Old or new as long as the old ones are on Netflix. Really looking forward to this and seeing it come together, as they had so much fun and learned a quite a lot doing a Hogwarts themed school last October.
  14. Thanks very much, I'll look for both of those Sagira. :001_smile:
  15. Thank you both for the replies. I will look for the Venezia one. My dd already has the Anholt book and she loves it, thank you for reminding me to pull that one out. Any other suggestions?
  16. Hi. Does anyone have any good recs for either of these artists? The dc(12 and 7) picked these two to study this year. Lots of pictures would be great and plenty of info on the artists and their works. Any ideas? Thanks:)
  17. Wow! Thanks all of you so much!
  18. Any recs for a 12 year old? Thanks!
  19. Trying to find a good one. Anyone have any suggestions? What can you tell me about Atelier or Meet the Masters? Thanks :)
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