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Looks like it will be a girl's weekend - two weekends in a row! (in May)

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Dh is taking ds to spring outing. Y guides is really active around here. I think the Raleigh area has the biggest "nation" in the US or close to it. So dh did this with all the kids until the girls tribes wimped out and just didn't do anything any more. But ds and one or 2 in his tribe still go. So that's one weekend of just girls. We may have a soccer tournament that weekend for 2 different teams. I talked with the girls last night about the probably impossibility of them both doing the tourney - one driver, games 45 minutes away. Last year it was 2 games Saturday, 2 games Sunday but only one girl playing. Eight soccer games in one weekend just isn't going to happen by myself!


Then the surprise is the next weekend is the homeschool conference. I didn't get ressies soon enough and now the hotels across the street from the conference center are booked solid. We can't afford 2 rooms for the 5 of us. And the girls were telling us they'd rather not go if we don't do the evening things - talent show, teen game night, teen dance. Those things make it fun, without those...


So I'm thinking all to myself that I'll go by myself, get a ressie at a hotel that's about 1/2 mile away. I run for hours now so surely I can walk 1/2 mile twice a day. :) Oldest dd brings up, out of the blue, what about the conference and the beach? (Beach with friends) So I tell her I'm going to the conference by myself. She's decided that she'd like to go after all - she likes hanging with her friends, the Irish restaurant and as long as it's just a few talks... So then we bring it up with middle dd. She doesn't want to stay home with dh and ds, "We'll have to go on a long bike ride and clean the house." Which is true. :) But dh is the fun parent. Middle dd doesn't have any friends who go to the conference, yet. But the friends of oldest dd are good girls who will included middle as one of their own. (As middle put it, "when I get a cell phone, they'll give me their numbers!")


It looks like a girls weekend with possibly 4 soccer games, followed by a girls weekend at the homeschool conference. At least I'll have someone to eat with!

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