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If you had only 12 toy/12 school bins .......

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What would you keep?

I am tired of all the toys in the house. My dd can’t play because there is no open floor space because toys are everywhere. I would like to take a bunch of stuff to good will this weekend. I found a toy bin organizer that I would like to get 2 of. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Tot-Tutors-Pastel-Toy-Organizer/10975527 One for her room with her toys and one for our school room for me to start collecting school supplies. I would like to start working with her this fall when she will be 3 1/2. So if you had 12 bins for “school†and 12 for toys what would you put in the bins? I will also keep some big toys like her doll house, table and chairs, shopping cart/stroller, kitchen and outside toys. But that’s it, if it doesn’t fit in the bins or the top shelf of her closet (for bigger stuff) its gone.


For the school bin I am thinking

1 Coloring books/drawing pad and crayons

2 Some books from Sonlight Prek 3 list

3 Lacing cards and beads

4 Melissa and Doug wood magnets of numbers, animals and ABC’s

5 Plain old fashioned wood building blocks

6 Zip lock bags of objects to sort and make patters with

7 Picture books

8 Leap Frog/Sesame street videos


For the play bin

1 Dolls/extra clothes and bottles

2 Dress up clothes,shoes and crowns

3 Little people/animals

4 Tea set

5 Cars/trains

6 Stuffed animals

7 Books


Top of closet

play dough

arts and crafts supplies

board games like Matching, Hi Ho Cherry O, and Candy Land

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This is what dd4 has in her bins:

(we have a rack similar but more kid looking to this)

Balls (she is a ball fanatic)

plastic animals

blocks (large unit blocks)

wood food for her kitchen


misc toys

music instruments

electronic toys

doll accessories



She has books, puzzles, color books/markers/crayons, games on another shelf.

Dolls at her table.

Bucket of dress up


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