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If you have used both RSO and Elemental Science, which do you prefer?


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I am using Apologia Elementary science, but we are having a break from it now. I would like to add some RSO or Elemental Science for the next four or five months. Which one do you like better?


What grades are you looking for and what topic are you looking to study?


I have not used Elemental Science (am considering for physics since RSO doesn't have a physics) but I have used RSO. I can say that the RSO books are pretty true to the grade levels they are written for IMO. Life is great for grade 1, E&S for 2, and Chemistry for 3. You could get away using Chemistry in grade 4 or maybe 5 if you supplement but I would not attempt to use Life for anything beyond grade 2 as it is quite simplistic- perfect for grade 1 though. :) It appears that there is more flexibility with the grade levels with Elemental Science and it has a wider appeal.


HTH a bit.


I think another big difference is that Elemental is based on WTM science so there's more literature and notebooking whereas RSO is quite light on the reading (usually just a one side of a page blurb per lesson) and has a ton of hands-on experiments. I can't comment on how many experiments Elemental Science has but RSO is fantastic if you're looking for something very hands-on. My kids have loved this program.

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I'm not familiar with RSO, but we just started Biology Grammar Level ES about a month ago.


We are enjoying it, and I personally definiitely prefer it to Pre-Level Chemistry Real Science 4 Kids, which we just finished.


However, a few thoughts ...


To me, it is surprisingly ... babyish. My girls are fourth and second grade -- both Grammar stage. To me, the Biology book is aimed at a k/1 level. A typical day's lesson might be: Read the one page from the Animal Encyclopedia about an animal, cute and paste the picture of the animal into the student workbook, and write (or dictate) a sentence about that animal. For an "extra activity," have the students pretend to be that animal.


So ... I hardly use the Student Workbook at all. My kids draw their own pictures instead of pasting and copying. And we use regular notebook paper, because both my girls give me about four sentences a day in narration and there isn't enough room in workbook pages.


And ... we supplement a lot with library, which we really enjoy. But there is no list or suggestions in the ES books. I have to search them on my own -- which is not really a problem, but I could have done that without purchasing ES materials.


So ... I wish I had not bought the student workbook, and we modify it. However, I like the structure, the experiements (so far), and frankly, the fact that I can so easily modify it. And my kids are enjoying it very much.


And anything is better than that RS4K lab book! :ack2:

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