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biology freshman year?

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My son is finishing up Physical Science this year with Potter's school.

Now, I guess we move onto Biology for Freshman year, but wait, should we take it next year or wait? Should I just count his grade this year and use that for his Freshman Science and wait another year till 10th for Biology?

He's only doing Alg. I this year (8th). So, I'm not sure....

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I don't think Biology requires any Algebra knowledge. My daughter is doing Biology this year. She's doing Apologia and is doing very well with it. I don't know what text Potter's uses. Anyway, my daughter turned 14 this fall. You could probably still carry the credit forward to high school if you want. I know for my oldest, who went to regular school, they allowed the kids to choose a few classes that they could count for high school credit from 8th grade if they wanted to. That would potentially free up some time down the road for your son. I'd not skip science next year. My daughter did an Algebra 1 course over the summer with AoPS prior to starting Algebra and we're using this year to solidify Algebra 1 concepts. But so far, as I said, she hasn't needed to know any Algebra whatsoever for Apologia Biology.

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My son took Physical in the 8th and had a rough time with all the math. He took Biology this year for 9th (is also taking Algebra I), and is breezing through it! I don't have any other experience with high school so take that into consideration ;) but for my son I am planning to keep going with Chemistry in 10th and see how he is doing after that. He will probably skip science in 11th and do a year of heavy math before Physics in 12th, in which case I will count 8th grade Physical science as high school. That class was taken at a coop and many of the kids in it were in high school-if fact only two others were in 8th. The teacher added lots of supplemental material to the Apologia book. I am not planning on any of the advanced classes for him b/c he is my lit/history guy.

So I guess my suggestion would be to keep going and keep that Physical Science class in reserve in case he needs/wants a year off science later on-like maybe if he has a job or an unusually heavy load in other subjects.

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