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I did it as a semester class for both boys when they were in 8th grade. My oldest one LOVED it and if you child is analytical like he is, then doing it over the summer would be great. It isn't hard, but it is so interesting. We had more fun looking at the different career options online through one of the links they provided. It gave him some great ideas. But he is my planner, want to know exactly what I will do and what I have to do to get there kind of kid. Very definite in his likes and dislikes.


Now son #2 did it this past fall as an 8th grader. He wasn't ready. Well,.. maybe it was his personality. Uh... I dunno. Uh.. I dunno. What does he like to do?? He has no idea. The personality profile at the begininning was really funny, though. If you held my oldest's profile up to a mirror, you would get my middle son's profile. It did help some, but we may go back and redo it during his late junior year and see if he has a better idea then. He just couldn't answer a lot of questions. He had no clear idea of his likes and dislikes partly because he has no experience and hasn't tried so doesn't want to say one way or another. And planning... why bother??



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I thought it was an expensive waste to be honest. My dd did it, and perhaps she wasn't ready either, but it seems to me that the workbook is really geared towards someone with LOTS of work experience looking to hone in on their true interests. A high school junior wasn't ready for this. I just think there are easier and cheaper ways to plan for college or determine skills and interests for a future career.

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Do you think one could get the bulk of the program by just using the Burkett book alone? I'm not really interested in the Homeschooler's College Admissions Handbook since I've already BTDT and have a good grasp on the process.


Absolutely. And I believe there is a book that goes along with the workbook, that I would assume would give more information about how to go about using the workbook. When I found this out, I was kind of stumped as to why SL didn't include the text :confused:

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