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Would Classical Conversations be worth it for us?


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We have a CC group nearby and I was curious about their program. I have researched it and it seems like a good program, however, we already have a math program that we like, (not Saxon) and a Latin program we like, (not Latin's Not So Tough) and dd has read all of the Literature selections for Challenge A already. If we opted out of Math and Latin, would there be any other benefits for her or should we just continue on with what we are doing? I like the idea of a group, but if we don't use the full program is it worth the money? Thanks for your input..

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Most Challenge classes have a range of ages in each class, so if your daughter has already done most of the A level stuff, you might just put her in B.


They have changed some of the things used in Challenge for this fall, like the Latin (no more Latin's Not So Tough, they're using all Henle but spreading it out). Same with the math, but not quite as easy to use a different program at home. Can easily be done, the Latin lessons will be preview or review. One thing to consider is that if your CC campus has multiple levels of Challenge then they'll be scheduling Latin and Math at the same time each week so that students can participate in whatever level is most appropriate for them, even if it's a Challenge I level class your A daughter could still do that Latin or math.


Many families do not use Saxon at home, instead using the math lessons on CC days as review or preview. Can't ever really have too much math, I suppose, and I've not heard complaints that having things explained in another way in addition to the home program has been a detriment. Just let the director know you're using something different and she'll adapt.


As far as the literature is concerned, they won't just be reading the literature, they're doing a lot of comprehension, dialogue and writing on the books. That's why the literature chosen is deliberately on a slightly lower level than one would expect those students to be reading at. They choose things that should be easy to read, but are well written and contain much that those age groups should be grappling with. Not sure if that's helpful for you to know; if your daughter has already done lots of comprehension checks/dialogue/writing on the selections, then that A level just might not be the right one for her.


I hope that's been helpful. Have you talked to the local director(s)? They're really the best source of information.

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