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CAPD and dyslexia


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Early in my research, I read that 70-80% of dyslexia is caused by auditory processing issues. My dyslexic dds are both diagnosed with APD. The one with mild dyslexia has mild APD, and the one with severe dyslexia has severe APD.


Sally Shaywitz is probably a good person to read on this issue. I believe her definition of dyslexia is that it is always caused by auditory processing issues; if the reading disability has a different cause, it's not dyslexia. If you google yale and dyslexia, you can find her website pretty easily.

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I have been reading the long thread about CAPD, and I wonder if you someone could help summarize the overlap and difference of CAPD and dyslexia.




I am reading a CAPD book (When the Brain Can't Hear) and what I have taken away so far is that a dyslexic generally will have overlapping symptoms with CAPD.


But CAPD usually doesn't have the reversals, flipping issues that dyslexia has.


Both will include nonsensical spelling because the child can't hear the right sounds. Bank might be bak, because the n is hard to hear. If they confuse the sounds of t and d, they will spell top as dop.


They won't spell pan as nap like a dyslexic will.


CAPD usually includes other hearing issues, like the need to have instructions repeated and trouble following multi-step auditory instructions. I don't think most dyslexic students have those issues. It will sometimes take me time to hear it and process it, so my first impression is that it was they were mumbling and I didn't understand a thing, but then it is like my brain suddenly puts it together and I know what they said. With CAPD I think they loose the meaning altogether, not just have a delay, but I am not sure of that. I am still on the 2nd chapter. Because while I can read a whole book in a day it becomes meaningless after a certain point. I need time to "chew" on the ideas before I can move on. I attribute that to the dyslexia as well.



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It seems to me that dyslexia is CAPD Plus. The auditory processing issues interfere with oral language and reading, but dyslexia is really much more than difficulty with reading.


Dyslexia makes it hard for the child to remember abstract terms, especially in sequence. Days of the week and months of the year have been very difficult for my boys. They don't have a picture of what those words mean, so it is hard for them to remember them. Dyslexia is directionality challenged - my 17yo still has to do the "L" trick to remember left from right. My 8 anc 9yo boys also confuse p and q with b and d and m and w - they have up-down directionality issues as well. Rote memorization takes repetition, repetition, repetition. Telling time on a regular clock? Forget it! (I just tried to do this with 9yo ds tonight and it was pretty much impossible for him.)


So, to me, I describe dyslexia as auditory and visual processing all rolled up together. Add in a rapid naming deficit and it's even more difficult! HOWEVER, these same things make my 8yo be able to pick up a musical instrument and make something musical sounding, even if he has never played whatever it is that he picked up. They make my 9yo able to draw (with great detail) all kinds of things and remember how to get somewhere even if he has only been there once (this is odd, though, as most people with dyslexia don't have a good sense of direction - he just has an awesome memory for pictures.) My 12yo? He can take a motor apart and put it back together, operational, with his eyes closed and one arm tied behind his back because he can see in 3-D.:D


Of course, none of this is scientific - just what this mom sees.;)

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