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If you have a breadmaker, do you like?

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Panasonic SD256


Yes we get soft whole grain bread


This is the recipe I use (first ingredient goes into bread pan and so on, i use a mix of imperial and metric measurements sorry)


2tsp salt

2tsp sugar

2 tbsp olive oil

370ml water (approx - I vary it by a few ml depending on how a batch comes out)

1lb 3oz wholgrain / wholemeal flour

1x7g sachet yeast (easy/fast action type)

1tsp ascorbic acid (vit c - some times its in the yeast already-make bread rise better)


Rapid bread setting (1hr 55mins) makes a yummy loaf.


The bread flour does make a really huge difference. there is one brand I have found that makes the best bread, then other that make ok bread so try different flours.

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I don't have any idea what my brand is because we're traveling. But I thought I'd put my two cents in. We really like the kind that looks like a loaf (square not round). It makes for better everything, slicing, storage, cutting and grilling. It has made the difference for us in how much we use it and how much we don't. So, you might consider that as well.

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