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Speaking of the FAFSA...


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Is there anything at all that we can do to make it report a more realistic amount that we are expected to contribute? Really, based on the EFC, we should be able to contribute $10,000, and we don't even have the $500 to send in to hold her place! I've been crying most of the night. Sorry to vent. :tongue_smilie:

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Is the $10K based on the FAFSA or a FAFSA calculator? The latter seem to vary from the former.


I would suggest that you have a conversation with the admissions officer assigned to your rising college student. Most likely, your student can assume loans for at least part of the EFC. Also, it sounds as though your student may qualify for work study funding. Ask the college!


That $500 is due May 1. If you cannot put that amount in your budget, can your student find a part time job to earn it over the next two and a half months?


I'm sure that colleges waive the fee under certain circumstances. Perhaps you can see if you qualify.


Don't cry--be creative.





ETA: Realizing that I had a pre-caffeinated literal reaction to your post. Nonetheless, the message holds. You need to get your daughter involved in the financial discussions if you have not already.

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