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Listening (reading) comprehension ?

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I've got some concerns about one of my kids in terms of comprehension. I don't know if he's within normal range or not. His twin is at a different place but they are very different kids. His attention is poor so sometimes it's hard to tell if he missed the whole chapter due to attention or something more.


I have one HOD manual (LHFHG) and he's not always able to answer questions on readings. But it's hard to tell if this is an attention issue or something more. Similarly, narrations are an issue it seems because he tunes into certain aspects or details and misses the big picture a lot. It's hard to tell if this is because his attention wanders half way into a chapter.


I'm wondering if WWE would work on this and/or give me an idea if he's got issues in this area?

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This book, although expensive from this site, is fabulous. I have used it with my dc. You should be able to get it cheaper and used from amazon or ebay or half.com - search online.




This specific edition covers all ages and levels. It's all 3 volumes in one. So, it's possible that the price is reasonable, since it's for all 3 volumes.

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