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Student Planner?

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I used the Well Planned Day last year, and my younger son uses the Well Grounded Middle Schooler this year.

They are perfect for our needs.


Generally, Hunter writes each subject in his planner as I assign it, similar to the way his older brother uses his planner at the local high school


When my older son first made the transition to PS, his biggest struggle was getting organized. Knowing how to use a planner effectively has really helped him, so I am working on this skill with the younger one. I hope to avoid that particular struggle next time around.

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I'm planning to start in grade 5, using the Well Planned Day Student Planner. Of course, I won't have my child in charge of their entire schedule but I do want them to get in the habit of taking responsibility for their work and having it completed in a timely manner. I intend to have her write down which books need to get read each week (as assigned by me) as well as any projects that she needs to do on their own (a science diorama for example). I also will want her to write out her extra curricular activities in her planner and be able to track her homework from outside classes.


I don't think I'll have her write out things for every subject at this age, but at least it will be a start for us.

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